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      Sun Protection

       With a heatwave forecast for this week, please ensure that you provide your child with a sun hat to wear at playtime. If you feel that your child needs extra protection by using sun cream, please obtain a once-a-day product which can be applied at home before school.

      Please also ensure that your child remembers to bring their water bottle each day.

      Adaptation of St Paul’s to a Primary School

      All welcome to our drop in session to look at the proposed plans for the adaptation of St Paul’s from a junior school to a primary school.

      Wednesday, 8th July anytime between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.

      School Exhibition Evening & Year 4 Cake Sale

       Many congratulations to all the teachers and children for their fabulous work displayed around school. Thank you to Mrs Renvoize and the school orchestra for entertaining us during the course of the evening and to Mrs Weston for organising the Art Exhibition. 
      Thank you to everyone who baked and supported Year 4’s cake sale on Exhibition Evening. We will confirm the total raised in aid of Help the Aged and Cancer Research in next week’s newsletter.

      Macmillan Dress Up and Dance

      We are delighted to confirm that a grand total of £ 245.17 was raised by the Macmillan Dress Up and Dance . Thank you to everyone who supported the event

      Instrumental Interlude

       Thank you to Mrs Renvoize for organising the Instrumental Interlude last week and to all the musicians who played so beautifully and made the evening a great success. Thank you also to Miss Luker for playing the piano and to the PSA for running the bar.

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